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Osteoarthritis Hip

What happens in Osteoarthritis of the Hip?

The hip is the second largest weight-bearing joint of the body after the knee. Osteoarthritis of the hip is the condition which causes pain, swelling, and deformity to the hip joints due to the breaking down of cartilage tissues that protects the joints. Cartilage acts as a "shock absorber" to reduce friction in the joints and inflammation or injury to this joint causes the cartilage to break down. Some key factors which causes osteoarthritis hip are:

  •     Being overweight
  •     Advancing age
  •     Injury to the hip
  •     History of the disease in the family
  •     Genetic defects or improper growth of the joint

Signs and symptoms

Take an appointment with an orthopedician if you notice the following symptoms of hip osteoarthritis:

  •     Pain in the groin, thigh, buttocks or down your leg to the knee
  •     Joint stiffness
  •     Swelling and tenderness
  •     Grinding noise and locking when you move your hip
  •     Decreased range of motion in the hip
  •     Inability to perform routine activities which requires bending

Treatment of Osteoarthritis Hip

Treatment aims at improving the person's mobility and lifestyle by  improving the function of the hip and controlling pain. It involves the following options:

  •     Prescription of medication to relieve pain and inflammation
  •     Put patient on weight loss regime
  •     Surgery like Hip Replacement Surgery, Hip Resurfacing etc.
  •     Alternative rehabilitation therapies
  •     Regenerative medicine using Orthogen P

At Regencare, we specialize in treatment with platelet-rich plasma (Orthogen P), which uses the natural substances in your own body to help tissues heal by releasing substances called growth factors that stimulate healing. When injected into the affected area, Orthogen P encourages the damaged cartilage to regrow and heal without the need of surgery. It is important to maintain a healthy weight and do strengthening exercises to make your path to recovery quicker.

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