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Sports injuries are quite common these days, and a torn shoulder tendon can be treated under rotator cuff surgery. Commonly, a rotator cuff injury occurs due to some disease, natural wear-and-tear, or from a traumatic injury. Proper rest and therapy or surgery at times could allow anyone to enjoy sports again.

A rotator cuff is a group of tendons and muscles that surrounds the shoulder joint and which keeps the shoulder stable and mobile. People who are into tennis, golf, baseball, and volleyball tend to involve in repetitive shoulder movements, which cause issues in the rotator cuff. Certain factors such as age and family history also play a role concerning shoulder injuries.

Based on the type and severity of the condition, the doctor can recommend the apt treatment. Certain treatments would include:

  • Proper rest
  • Ice and heat therapy 
  • Pain relievers or pain killers 
  • Physical therapy 
  • Cortisone injections 
  • Surgery

5 tips before returning to sports after rotator cuff injury 

Proper rest and treatment would help anyone to return to sports or activities at the same level after rotator cuff injury. However, various tips would be recommended to avoid further issues in the long run. 
  • Let the pain and inflammation disappear completely - one could return to sports completely if the pain and inflammation have completely gone. Proper rest and treatment could bring out the expected outcome with some amount of physical therapy for the apt results. 
  • Give it a slow start and rebuild the intensity - it is better to begin slowly to avoid further injuries. Once the muscles are strong enough, then one could rebuild the intensity incrementally. 
  • Strengthen the muscles - the muscles would need proper care to get back the strength, especially around the shoulder or rotator cuff. To prevent further injuries in the same shoulder, it is better to perform exercises that would strengthen the shoulder muscles. Physical therapy can bring back the mobility and flexibility of the shoulder. 
  • Warm-up and cool down - before beginning any exercise or strenuous activities, it is good to warm up the body for the muscles would not fall into any wear-and-tear. Warming up the body would make the muscles less likely to get strained or torn. 
  • Give it a break if pain persists - performing any exercise or activities might cause pain, then it is better to take a break. Apply ice and take pain killers if the doctor has prescribed it. But never play or do any activities while in pain as it could damage the shoulder again. 

At Orthogen Care, PRP treatment would be recommended to treat severe sports injuries. Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP treatment is a substance that will help reduce the pain when injected in the required area. It is suggested to take rest for a while after the injections. These injections will help in the growth and healing of the cells.

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